Vehicle subscription
Automate and manage your vehicle subscription business with Wize. Our cloud-based SaaS platform is designed to handle all aspects of your fleet's management: inventory, digital damage control, and reports.
Our car subscription platform provides features
designed to help you run your business more efficiently:
Mobile application
Our mobile app for iOS or Android allows your clients to rent or subscribe a vehicle and make payments quickly on their phone.
Cloud based
Manage your fleets 24/7 from anywhere with our easy-to-use cloud based platform.
Telematics and smart vehicle monitoring
The platform collects information on acceleration and braking, as well as location, speed, and fuel levels of the connected vehicles.
Subscription Management
Assign a vehicle from your stock or integrate the platform with your dealer network. From this point, customers will receive invoices and notifications about their subscriptions.
Subscription Rates Configurator
Easy to use tool for setting up subscription options for your customers - pricing, duration, services included. Configure customizable plans and prices to suit all types of subscription models - flexible or fixed, daily, weekly monthly or annual.
Customizable workflows
Your customers will quickly and easily complete their subscription, provide driver license, credit card and take the vehicle by following the easy to use workflow module. You can easily adjust the process according to your business needs.
Generate and manage invoices
on automatically
track the financial performance of your business, and ensure that customers pay their bills on time
We help you increase the profitability
of your car subscription business with automatic payments, service and maintenance reminders, smart analytics, and intelligent customer experience.
Damage inspection
Allows you to take pictures damage with paint peeling, scratches, dents, add detailed descriptions and marks.
Recurring payments
Automatically charge your customers at regular intervals on the same day of each period, like every month or once a week.
Digital storefront
Take your website from being a simple listing on a landing page, to a fully-featured digital automated storefront.
Customer Profiling
With subscription comes a new customer with new insights, preferences and customer needs that you need to know. Our platform helps to enrich your customer data in the CRM with connected car insights, car usage patterns and other subscriber preferences. We help figure out who they are.
Service providers
Whether you want to connect: insurance, tire fitting, financing or roadside assistance, your brand can reach new customers by integrating these services with your existing partners or on board new ones.
Integrations, API
With our API, you can now easily integrate DMS and CRM, combine it with warehouse and send data from warehouse to analytics platform. This way, you will have an easy time using your data in one place, instead of spending hours looking for it across different software systems.
Designed for cars and two wheeled vehicles subscription
Accept and process new orders in a few clicks from your own digital storefront fully integrated with the ordering and fleet management platform.
Introduce fleets to the future of transportation with a new EV fleet. With extensive experience in electric vehicles and fleet management, we're well-equipped to help you make the most of your EV fleet.
Embrace the future of transportation with electric vehicles