Manage your fleet of scooters and motorbikes with Wize motorcycle and scooter rental solution.
Scooter and Motorcycle Subscription Platform
Automate your subscription business
With recurring payments, service and maintenance reminders, inventory management, push notifications, digital damage control, and insightful reports.
Bike rental and subscription platform
Transform your website into an automated digital storefront
Tailored for the delivery industry, our scooter and motorcycle subscription platform is designed to meet the unique needs of motorbike rentals in the delivery sector.
Save time and money with our rental platform's efficient features
Mobile application
Our mobile app for iOS or Android allows your clients to rent or subscribe a vehicle and make payments quickly on their phone.
Damage inspection
Manage your fleets 24/7 from anywhere with our easy-to-use cloud based platform.
Telematics and smart vehicle monitoring
The platform collects information on acceleration and braking, as well as location, speed, and fuel levels of the connected vehicles.
Digital storefront
Take your website from being a simple listing on a landing page, to a fully-featured digital automated storefront.
Subscription Management
Assign a vehicle from your stock or integrate the platform with your dealer network. From this point, customers will receive invoices and notifications about their subscriptions.
Recurring payments
Automatically charge your customers at regular intervals on the same day of each period, like every month or once a week.
Damage inspection
Allows you to take pictures damage with paint peeling, scratches, dents, add detailed descriptions and marks.