Improve your fleet management process by reducing any unnecessary manual work and increasing the accuracy of your data. Streamline the process of vehicle inspections, maintenance and repair scheduling, service invoicing and more.
Here are the tools you need
to help you
get rental business more profitable:
Mobile application
Our mobile app for iOS or Android allows your clients to rent or subscribe a vehicle and make payments quickly on their phone.
Damage inspection
Allows you to take pictures damage with paint peeling, scratches, dents, add detailed descriptions and marks.
Telematics and smart vehicle monitoring
The platform collects information on acceleration and braking, as well as location, speed, and fuel levels of the connected vehicles.
Digital storefront
Take your website from being a simple listing on a landing page, to a fully-featured digital automated storefront.
Customer Profiling
Our platform helps to enrich your customer data in the CRM with connected car insights, car usage patterns and other subscriber preferences. We help figure out who they are.
Recurring payments
Automatically charge your customers at regular intervals on the same day of each period, like every month or once a week.
Service providers
Whether you want to connect: insurance, tire fitting, financing or roadside assistance, your brand can reach new customers by integrating these services with your existing partners or on board new ones.
Wize allows you to create and send invoices, view and pay invoices online
Customers can also update their payment methods, download past invoice documents and more
With a vehicle-subscription business model, you can profit from every customer for years.
Subscription-based car rental is the future for the car rental industry. Wize will enable you to digitally transform your business and deliver a world-class subscription experience to your customers.
Provide the highest possible level of fleet management
by automatically collecting information about distance travelled. Integrate your existing telematics platform for better fleet management and get more actionable data to help improve your bottom line in real time.