Get accurate customer data instantly. Every inquiry becomes a contact in our Platform, including name, email, phone, and more.
Easy payment processing
Simplify payments for rentals and subscriptions. Offer easy payment options on your website or app. Our system automates credit card charges.
Recurring payments
Automatically charge your customers at regular intervals on the same day of each period, like every month or once a week.
Rider mobile application
Our mobile app for iOS or Android allows your customers to rent or subscribe to a vehicle and make payments quickly on their phones.
Create custom reports on sales, inventory, and customer data with our user-friendly reporting features. Save and share with ease.
Battery swapping-stations integration
Optimize EV efficiency and uptime with our battery swapping-stations integration. Reduce downtime and lower ownership costs.
Keep in touch with your client 24/7
Customize the look and feel of your mobile app to align with your company's branding using our white-label app.
Telematics and intelligent vehicle monitoring
Collect data on connected vehicles' acceleration, braking, location, speed, and fuel levels.
Traffic fines integration
Our integration seamlessly syncs with existing systems, providing real-time updates on fines and penalties.
Manage your fleets 24/7 from anywhere with our easy-to-use cloud-based platform.
Digital storefront
Take your website from a simple landing page listing to a fully-featured digital automated storefront.
Subscription Management
Assign vehicles from stock or integrate with your dealer network. Subscribers receive invoices and notifications automatically.
Subscription Rates Configurator

Configure customizable plans and prices to fit any subscription model - flexible or fixed, daily, weekly, monthly, or annual.
Customizable workflows
Customers quickly complete subscriptions, verifying their driver's license and credit card. Customize the process to fit your business needs effortlessly.
Service providers
Integrate insurance, tire fitting, financing, and roadside assistance services to reach new customers through existing or new partnerships.
Integrations, API

Our API seamlessly integrates DMS, CRM, warehouse, and analytics platforms, consolidating your data in one place for easy access and utilization.
Damage inspection
Capture damage with pictures, descriptions, and marks for peeling paint, scratches, and dents.
Customer Profiling
Our platform enriches CRM with insights, car usage patterns, and preferences, helping you better understand and identify new customers.