Delivery fleet as a service
All-in-one IT solution for subscription, maintaining, and powering eco-friendly commercial vehicles
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Easily integrate our products into your existing vehicle fleet (scooters, bikes, cars, electric vehicles and more), just select the vehicles you want to support and get started.
Car subscription
Car rental
Motorcycles & scooters rental
Product features
Wize is an intelligent and sophisticated IT-platform that helps companies to reduce their costs, optimise business flow and increase income.
Fleet management
Customizable rates
Client mobile application
Live chat
Customer scoring
We provide a scoring system
that determines
whether each individual customer is eligible for renting/subscribing a car via your business. This method employs Machine Learning algorithms that verify the customer’s identity and each uploaded document for possible fraud.
Plug & Play solution
Reduce your go-to-market time with ready to use Subscription Management Tool
Automatically generate, send and manage invoices from one platform
Automate your billing process with Wize, and focus on improving customer relationships. Create automated recurring payments, monitor the status of all outstanding invoices at a glance, and ensure that your customers pay on time with customized payment reminders.
Expand your business potential with our easy-to-implement integrations. Traffic fines, toll roads services, telematics and other automated solutions can be integrated with Wize.
Mobile-first design
At least 80% of our users have smartphones, so we take special care of them. We create design that is optimized for the screen size and user actions by making sure all images are properly sized and responsive, allowing users to flow naturally on any device.
Inquiry engine
Reach customers and prospects with the most accurate data in your industry. Every inquiry is populated into the Platform as a contact, including name, email address, phone number and more.
Multi-vehicle adaptability
Wize is a multi-vehicle Platform that allows you to have total control over an entire fleet. Connect multiple types of vehicles and track them in one interface for a streamlined experience.
Seamless payment processing
We make it easy for you to accept rental and subscription payments. Offer your customers a simple processing option to pay through your website or mobile application. The system will automatically debit the money from the credit card attached by the customer.