At Wize, we have innovative solutions for delivery fleet operations. Our aim is to make fleet operations more efficient and sustainable while promoting eco-friendly practices.
Collaboration and partnerships are important to us. We want to work with like-minded organizations to drive innovation and achieve common goals. We are interested in collaborating with the following companies:
We want to partner with HR companies that have experience hiring skilled and reliable drivers for delivery services and last mile operators.
Driver recruitment agency
You can earn more with us by providing flexible financing services for 2-wheelers. Motorcycle rental is a high marginal business with a good turnover, EV residual value is high and battery should be also financed
Financial Institutions
and Leasing Providers
Join us to take advantage of the booming electric vehicle market. We want to partner with OEMs that make electric two-wheelers. Together, we can create delivery solutions tailored to each country, helping to reduce emissions and reach net-zero targets.
Electric Vehicle Manufactures
Service Providers
By working together, we can provide comprehensive maintenance and repair solutions, ensuring our clients' fleets stay operational
Partnering with Wize you can access our advanced IT solutions, industry expertise, and extensive network of clients who are committed to eco-friendly fleet operations. Together, we can help businesses succeed in the changing delivery landscape while making a positive impact on the environment.
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