Delivery fleet as a service
All-in-one IT solution for subscription, maintaining, and powering eco-friendly commercial vehicles
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Are you a rental or leasing company?
Attract new clients by offering a last-mile delivery fleet out-of-the-box. Simplify financial management for delivery and food tech companies, offering them fleet staying off the balance sheet.
Accept and process new orders in a few clicks from your own digital storefront fully integrated with the ordering and fleet management platform.
Digital storefront
Provide your clients with all-Inclusive vehicle subscriptions tailored for last-mile delivery
Enhance your fleet management process by minimizing manual tasks and boosting data accuracy. Streamline vehicle inspections, maintenance and repair scheduling, service invoicing, and other operations for a more efficient system.
Traffic fines integration
Swapping-stations integration
Rider mobile
Cloud-based IT platform and data-driven fleet management
Monitor vehicles around the clock from anywhere. Tracking its location, usage patterns, servicing,
and more
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A subscription-centric business model enables capitalization on long-term customer relationships, specifically for delivery companies that regularly demand fleet enhancements and growth.