Turnkey Car Subscription Platform
Planning your subscription or digital leasing?
Wize – your white-label provider:
Mobile app, Website, Product landings
Customer Data Management via our own tool OR integrated with yours
Fully integrated with your CRM
Car listing, multiple rates, customer scoring, recurring payments
Telematics and smart vehicle monitoring
Join Wize today and enable a new revenue stream for your business!
For Dealer Networks / OEMs / Leasing companies / Importers
less implementation timing in comparison with in-house development
Run smart and optimise your costs with Wize
6 months
your monthly savings if your are connected to Wize
€ 50-70K
additional revenue due to clever way of upselling car related services
Car Subscription – future of our mobility, so we are ready to open this unique opportunity to you!
We provide you a turnkey solution powered by branded landing pages, customer mobile app, backoffice portal, integration with car prices and stock
Join Wize
Business is Yours – powered by Wize Technology
3-Step approach in case you have decided to run Car Subscription:
It is so easy to put cars for sale! Just mark them in your stock as "subscription ready" and our platform finds the best lead for it. All the cars are equipped with telematics, so you control the mileage, accuracy of car use, can provide instant customer care
Get your cars ready
We arrange digital marketing, promote subscription service and acquire leads. Customers download your branded app, choose the car, submit documents and pay. Then just deliver cars and activate your additional revenue stream. Proactive monitoring, insurance and everything else is provided by the platform
Start getting revenue!
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Discover how our platform can help you build subscription service
Don’t waste your time for mobile apps. Use our subscription apps builder. Your brand, our technology
Enable car owner subscriber’s services with your existing partners or onboard new ones. Insurance, tyre service, financing, roadside assistance and many more digital services.
Our platform helps to enrich customer data in your CRM with connected car insights, car usage patterns and other subscriber preferences. With subscription you have a new customer and it is our mission to figure out who he is
Subscriber’s App
EV service providers
Customer Profiling
Subscription Rates Configurator
Intuitive and interactive rates configuration engine is the tool for setting up subscription options for your customers - pricing, duration, services included
Customizable workflows
Your customer chooses a car, sets up subscription, submit a driver license, adds a credit card and takes the car. The process can be quickly adjusted according to your business needs
Integrations, API
Take the cars from DMS, send customer data to CRM, proces invoices and take everything to your data warehouse
Your customers will be Subscribers
and we will bring all you need to make it happen
Bike rental and subscription platform
What does the Wize
app look like?
Take solution out of the box
Reduce your go to market time with ready for use Subscription Management Tool
Customer Requests
Set up your own subscription rates and process customer requests - score newcomers, discuss offer details and onboard your new customers without putting much human effort
Subscription management
Assign the car from the stock or integrate the platform with dealer network, invoice subscribers and send push notifications to your customers
Connected Cars
In order to minimize your risks we bring connected services as part of our package. Track the mileage, define usage areas and lock the car if required
Customer 360 degrees
Using Wize platform you can discover new patterns of car usage, be much closer with your customers as subscribers, offer them with additional important services
Traffic Fines
We are integrated with traffic inspection for quick and fully automated process of getting an invoice, making a payment and informing the customer
Live Chat
Your subscribers don't want to talk over the phone. Let us enable a contact center where all the conversation can be held within the mobile app. Service reminders, tyre change or mileage extending are being delivered as push notification and stored in a chat section
Out of the box Interfaces
Empower you business with subscription
  • CRM
  • DMS
  • Payments
  • Leasing business management
  • Customer scoring provider
  • Reporting
  • Fleet management
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