Range from 50 to 70 km
LFP Lithium-ion
64-72 V
21,5 Ah
Swap your used battery with a fully charged one in just a minute
Standardized batteries are designed for frequent use
At a battery swapping station, the exhausted battery is taken out and replaced with a fully charged one in just a few minutes. The rider puts the empty battery in a special slot, and a machine at the station switches it with a fully charged battery. Then, the rider can keep going with their journey.
How it works
Battery swapping transforms delivery operations by swiftly replacing depleted EV batteries with fully charged ones, reducing costs, optimizing efficiency, and minimizing environmental impact.
Zero downtime
Select a vehicle consider your specific requirements such as desired speed and range to ensure it aligns with your needs perfectly.
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Subscribe to battery swapping, and choose a payment plan for each swap or unlimited usage.
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Swap batteries within a minute for hassle-free riding without charging concerns.
Unleash Your Freedom
Reduce costs, optimize operations and minimize environmental impact
Swapping station
Battery swapping relies on a network of charging stations where users exchange empty batteries for fully charged ones.
Battery swapping offers quick and convenient replacement through modular design, reducing waste and enabling faster charging than traditional methods.
The swapping app offers battery information and condition monitoring, a swapping station locator, real-time battery availability, reservation options, swapping history tracking, notifications and alerts.
Boost your operations at your location placing battery swapping stations at dark stores, product pickup points, or any other site. This allows riders to replace vehicle batteries and collect products simultaneously, reducing vehicle downtime.
Swapping station where you need it
Place an order, have the batteries delivered to your location, and exchange exhausted batteries for the charged ones. It eliminates the need to find charging stations and offers flexibility for recharging.
Battery delivery
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Control your spending by choosing a plan with km-based payment options.
Best for rare usage
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Tailor your riding experience for maximum comfort by choosing the number of battery swaps that suit your needs.
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Enjoy the freedom of unlimited riding without any limits. Ride as much as you need.
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